Before Your Appointment

You may have been referred by your Primary Care Physician, or perhaps by the Emergency Room provider to our office for a consultation. Your visit with the surgeon is called a pre-op appointment.

Before your appointment, it's a good idea to call your doctor's office to make sure that your health history, labs, and images have been sent to the surgeon.

During the appointment, the surgeon will interview you and examine you, and review all relevant data in order to discuss the possible option of surgery.

Topics of discussion with the surgeon may include:

  • Your surgical options.
  • Medications to be stopped before surgery.
  • Possible complications of surgery.
  • Your experience on the day of the procedure.
  • Information concerning your postoperative care and recuperation.

The following forms are required to be filled out for all new patients:

A Note About Insurance:

Patients are responsible for payment of services rendered; as a courtesy we will submit claims to your insurance company for payment. Our office participates with Medicare and most managed care companies. We will inquire about insurance benefits prior to being seen.