After Surgery

After an operation, you will some side effects. There may be pain. There may be swelling and bruising. To what degree you are affected by these will be influenced by the type of surgery you are having, and how your body reacts to the operation.

There can be complications. While complications are rare, your surgeon can best tell you what chance you may have of having one.

Your surgeon can tell you what your basic expectations should be with regards to side effects, complications, and other aspects of recovery including

  • If you will be admitted to the hospital, and for how long
  • What kind of supplies or medications you will need when going home.
  • When it is okay to start exercising, drive, and work full-time.
  • What kind of restrictions you will have and for how long.

Some of the standard postoperative instruction sheets can be accessed below:

  • Hemorrhoid preop instuctions
  • After a general office procedure